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Have Questions for the Greens of Hobby Lobby?

Med Cabinet

In October 2005, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals received approval from the FDA for a cancer drug that vastly increased my odds of long-term survival after breast cancer. It was perfect timing for my particular case, and I still remember how excited my oncologist was when she told me about the results of the studies. I have a love-hate relationship with the drug. The side-effects are frightening, but there is no question that the drug has played a part in my surviving for almost eleven years now since I was diagnosed in October 2003.

Pfizer also manufactures the birth control pills I used during my child-bearing years. And the company manufactures drugs that are used to induce abortions.

None of this is surprising. All pharmaceutical companies manufacture and market drugs that save lives. And the vast majority of them also produce prescriptions that some of us find morally questionable.

What is surprising is that Hobby Lobby, the company that won this week’s Supreme Court ruling—that closely held, for-profit companies whose owners have religious objections to contraceptives—invests its retirement funds in Pfizer and a number of other pharmaceutical companies that produce not only contraceptives but also drugs used to induce abortions.

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