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Feeling Fat?

Mom and Marcella

Mom with Marcella (before I was born)

I love to eat.  I rarely find it easy to turn down a piece of chocolate or a baked potato drenched in butter.  So when Governor Christie’s weight and eating habits dominated the news this week, I watched, fascinated by a conversation that flared back and forth across a country where it’s increasing difficult to remain trim and healthy.  And once again, a complex issue turned into a series of sound bites volleyed across the country’s air waves between two people who had never met each other.

Forced at the age of three by my dad’s job loss to move into a shack on a relative’s property and eat government bologna and cheese, I found my own eating habits shaped early.  I have vague memories of my tiny mother standing at a ‘50s style diner table, wrestling to slice those big blocks of meat and cheese into thin slices, trying to stretch that government handout across several days.   Still petite at the age of 23, she already had three children and was pregnant with a fourth. Continue reading Feeling Fat?