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Clinton Email Investigation Closed?

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I’d like to be more excited about my November vote, but I can’t quite get there. If I were a politician, I’d have a hard time coming to the place where I could stand up and say enthusiastically, “I stand here today to endorse Hillary Clinton.” I’m pretty certain that what I’m about to say will never be retweeted from Hillary’s Twitter page, though I’ll support her in November.

Why? I’m a child of poverty who overcame adversity to become a teacher. I’m the daughter of a coal miner who was often out of work and who died of black lung. I’m the sister of heroin addicts who knows first-hand the devastation of the opioid epidemic. I’m a cancer survivor who wouldn’t be alive without good health insurance that paid for an expensive new drug with no generic equivalent. Though I’d never be invited to Hillary’s box if she is elected, I could be one of those visual props presidents like to point to during every State of the Union address.

But if Hillary Clinton does become president, it will be because of me and people like me. Continue reading Clinton Email Investigation Closed?