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Mom Dad Grandchildren

Mom, Dad, and grandchildren

Last night the American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre launched opening night of their annual European Union Film Showcase by screening the Polish film Walesa: Man of Hope.  I was less than enthusiastic about going.  First, I wasn’t an admirer of Walesa, who, like a lot of the great leaders of his generation, wasn’t particularly enlightened about woman’s place in the world.  And I wouldn’t get home and into bed until almost midnight and would have to get up at 5:00 a.m.  (I’m also not a fan of foreign films because I’m too lazy to read subtitles.  It took my husband weeks to convince me that Life is Beautiful was a film worth seeing despite the subtitles.)

But I can’t begin to count the times my husband has cheerfully accompanied me to events he has no interest in, including the first prom ever at a new school where I was on the opening year staff.  And it isn’t often that my Polish husband has the opportunity to attend an event that honors a heritage that is more often the butt of offensive jokes.

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