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When Estelene counts her blessings, she thanks God first for her blended family: her husband; her daughter, two step-children and their families; and her sheltie.

Estelene’s favorite place in the world is the sandy beach in Duck, North Carolina, where no two sunrises or sunsets are ever the same. The ocean reminds her that mystery and science can co-exist, that the rhythms of God’s world are ever-changing and ever the same.

Born to Roy and Naomi in southern West Virginia, Estelene shared her childhood in Oceana with four siblings before attending Concord College, teaching in Beckley, and moving to Maryland in 1986.  Her parents rejected Christian fundamentalism, believing that the education they didn’t have was the key to their children’s salvation.

Estelene just retired from 39 years as an educator who taught English for 30 years before going to the district office to write curriculum and work with teachers. The joy of her vocation has been to work with young people, who are much more open to hearing and thinking about the way others view the world. Though she has left the classroom, she believes that our hope is in being like young people, opening ourselves to a world where we always have something to learn.

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