What about Ray Rice, the Child?

OHS Football Negative

At my recent Oceana High School class reunion, seven of my classmates who had played football together lined up as they do each time we have a reunion—in poses that mimic the pictures of them in our high school yearbook. There are fewer of them now, and some of them are finding it harder to bend their knees these days. But each time we have a reunion, I enjoy seeing how they’ve changed and how they’ve stayed the same. This week they made travel plans to visit one of the coaches of their freshman team, who is in need of a heart transplant.

My classmates have big hearts, and they no longer fit the description of the cheer we chanted on the sidelines, “Ah, we’re mean! The Big Red Machine!”

I’ve thought of them often in the past two weeks. As a long time Washington fan, I thought of them as I watched my controversially named team lose its first game of the season. We were the Oceana Indians, a school that no longer exists, though each of our yearbooks has countless pictures of our mascot in full headdress on the sidelines. I’ve thought of them, too, as I’ve followed the controversy over whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign in the wake of the Ray Rice controversy. Continue reading What about Ray Rice, the Child?