What’s Your Favorite Color?

Tree at FPHC

What’s my favorite color?  When someone asks me this question, I can never give a definitive answer.  Is it the azure blue of the sky?  The bright pink of a spring azalea?  The emerald green of the hummingbird that hovers near the feeder on the deck?  Are you talking about clothing?  If so, I love to wear black and cherry red and royal purple and…
…never is my answer in any shade of orange.  And yet this tree, surrounded by the pumpkins our church’s youth sell every October to fund their mission trips never ceases to make me hold my breath in awe when I see it each fall.
And when I see this tree in all its splendor, it makes me wonder how often we miss out on something spectacular because we look first for the shades of life that we already know we like–the colors that are comfortably pleasing to us.
It occurs to me that human beings come in all sorts of intriguing colors–not skin colors–though those, too, can come in all sorts of interesting shades.  But what if I looked for the spectacular “colors” in the personalities of the people I meet–the people who don’t necessarily fit the rainbow spectrum I love at first sight?
It’s an interesting question.  And I suspect I’ll never like olive drab or lime or fifty shades of gray, but I think I’ll commit to looking more closely at the shades of orange.
What’s your favorite color?

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