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What Do I Say to Arizona Christians?


Though I usually try to make my point through story-telling, I’ve been reminded of Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail as I’ve read recent reports about people who believe their religious freedom is under attack.  I feel compelled to follow Dr. King’s example in speaking out to those who share my faith.

My Dear Fellow Christians:

While living here in the shadow of our nation’s capital, where many of us choose vocations that protect our freedoms, I often listen to reports of your statements claiming that Christianity is under attack and that we in the Washington area are out of touch with the values of Americans.  Seldom do I pause to respond to statements so at odds with my own understanding of the world.  If I did not dismiss most such comments that I read in the news and social media, I would have little time for anything other than argument in the course of the day, and I would have no time for constructive work.  But since I feel that you are people of genuine good will and that your fears are deeply troubling to you, I want to try to respond in what I hope will be respectful and reasonable terms.

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