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An Open Letter from a Teacher to the 1%

Spirit of '76
Spirit of ’76 by Archibald M. Willard

Dear One Percent,

We’re on to you. We’re not sure just yet what to do about you, how to fight you, but consider this fair warning: We are about to rise up and become David to your Goliath, Frodo to your Sauron, Jean Valjean to your Thenardier.

Our survival depends on it.

It’s no surprise that Senator Elizabeth Warren struck a chord last week that started a chorus of voices as the Senate voted on a bill to ease regulations on the banks that contributed most to the housing crisis and to cut Pell grants to college students living in poverty. Those two provisions are the noisy gongs, the clanging cymbals that tell us your stony hearts are incapable of love and charity. Continue reading An Open Letter from a Teacher to the 1%