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What Do We Do When the Rioting Ends?

Today I repeat a post from November 2014. Instead of forgetting our children each time a crisis like the one in Baltimore fades from the news cycle, we must find a way to make our nation’s children–and particularly our poor children and children of color–believe again that the American Dream is possible. We can only do that by accepting the reality we have created for them and working to change their circumstances and give them hope.

Is the American Dream Just a Dream?

College Graduation

“You’ll git the education I didn’t git, so you can have a better life than I’ve had.” This was my father’s mantra. He quit school in fifth grade, and he began working in a coal mine when he was only fifteen. He was functionally illiterate, and my mother read every important document to him in the privacy of their bedroom. He went to such great lengths to hide his illiteracy that even his five children didn’t know for years that he couldn’t read.

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