Breckenridge Statues

Are you tired of a world where people who think they have all the answers talk so loudly that they stifle all the questions we should be asking? Do you long for a world where we teach our children to appreciate diverse thought and look for the best in people who are different?

Welcome to Estelene Boratenski’s web site. Estelene is a storyteller, teacher, and writer. Her world view has been shaped most by family, faith, and education. She believes the joy is in the journey of learning and in hearing the stories of the people–of Christian and Jew, Muslim and Hindi, atheist and believer; of Republican and Democrat; of straight and gay; of white and black and every shade between. And perhaps Estelene’s greatest certainty is that in all of us, something is eternal. By making the journey together, we are the richer for it.

For People Who Don't Know All the Answers